Adventures in photoshop type things

I was a little bored on sunday, so I decided to take a picture of myself on my phone:

The picture I took on my phone

Not that great, I know. But it was the best one out of the bunch!! It captured my makeup really well. Note the dark circles under my eyes and the armpit bump in the corner, not to mention the icky yellow color of my face.

Then, I decided to see if vignette demo can at least fix the icky yellow color:

after the vignette demo edit

It cropped my armpit bump out too :D! But I decided that it was a bit too colorless for my liking, so I sent it off to my fake Photoshop photo-editing program, Meitu, to see if I could spice it up a bit. Spice it up I did!

All spiced up!

I didn’t really do much here, since I already liked the look of my skin, it had just needed a bit of color. There’s several options for blush, eyelashes(none in this photo) , contact lenses (none in this photo), even nails, clothes, and accessories! With Meitu, I could have also opted to put it on a fancy background. You can also alter your face shape, do some major retouching with its various filters, frames, etc.

An alternate route I could have taken was to simply upload the cell phone image straight to Meitu (I did this via emailing it to myself, then downloading the picture to my computer), and editing it, like so:

straight to Meitu!

Can you guess what I did in this photo?

Also, which do you prefer? Comment below with your thoughts!


Suddenly, there was Snoop Dogg and Karl Lagerfeld

Tourism Video much?

So I was reading Fashionista today, and this popped up.

I decided to watch it, for the sake of seeing Karl Lagerfeld (who will now be known as the Kaiser), and I ended up having this sort of look : O.o

It vaguely reminded me of one of those videos sponsored by the country to promote tourism, like this 2PM one:

Maybe I should make a tourism video with a catchy theme song?

But who wants to watch a video about a smallish east coast town anyway?


Hello world!

via google images

Hi! I’m Marron, and welcome to my blog, Ramblings of a High School Fashionista.

This blog will be a mix of my personal/academic life, my thoughts on todays fashion trends, hair, and makeup, some ramblings on society, and my adventures in food, fashion, art, and travels.

I really hope that you enjoy my blog, and come visit more often!