Coming Soon: The Japanese Alternative Fashion Series

I’ve been into Japanese fashion probably even before I knew I was into Japanese fashion, and I want to share the love my readers, by introducing you to these fashions one by one, in the form of various characters (all of whom are somehow related to each other), hopefully enticing you to try these fashions out!!

I need a better name for this series!! Please suggest some good ones!



Why the Shakos

20120823-080522.jpg image via universal doll.

I’m not understanding why shakos are a Japanese fashion thing nowadays. As a person who does marching band, I have several friends who complain about wearing shakos. The ones they’re forced to wear in my school have one of those weird and uncomfortable chin straps, which is totally not kawaii since it looks like you have a double chin.
(; ̄ェ ̄)

They were even all the rage in the era of fashionable band jackets (see Angelic Pretty’s chocolate chess)

What do you think, are shakos a fashion thing now? Do discuss below!

Senor Arpakasso cooks!!


I’m not sure if you readers are familiar with the YouTube channel, Cooking With Dog, but it’s a cooking show on YouTube where the owner of the dog shows you how to cook various Japanese foods, while the dog narrates.

But recently, a new cooking show popped up starring the ever popular Arpakasso plushie, called ‘Cooking With Arpakasso.’

It’s actually quite cute, and for whatever reason, I do find Senor Arpakasso to be somewhat sexy? Watch his video below and decide for yourself!!

I’m really hoping Cooking With Arpakasso is here to stay, because Senor Arpakasso is extremely adorable and I can make an effort in homemaking XD


We Are Originals!!


I’m not the biggest fan of athleticwear, but Adidas may change my mind.

Recently, Adidas released a video for their new ad campaign. which includes some very popular music artists and fashionistas, including, my favorites, 2NE1 (who did you think I was talking about?!)

The video is really cool, I mean, where else can you see 2NE1 doing a flashmob dance (to I’m the Best, at that) in the middle of what looks like Shibuya?

Go, go watch it now, and tell me what you thought of it!