I Don’t Need A Man – Miss A

Today it’s all about Miss A‘s “I Don’t Need a Man”!


This song has a very upbeat, refreshed feeling to it  with a strong sense of independence. It’s a great song to motivate you to work, get over someone, or just feel very independent. I would expect to hear this song blasting at the clubs in Korea, because it’s got a great beat to dance to.

The formatting of this video is the standard K-pop music video format, so there’s not much to talk about here.

Would I say this is a typical Miss A song? Yes. Their songs generally have an upbeat feeling to it, with the exception of “Touch”. It’s also very ‘Miss A’ in a way that it appeals to their dancer image.

The choreography is simple, unlike some of their past works, and easy to learn. I feel like the dance has a similar feeling to that of Wonder Girls‘ “Like This”. Maybe the same choreographer? It’s a plausible explanation, considering they are technically part of the same company.


I’ll break this part down into group styling and individual styling.

  • Group Styling:

The group styling had a ‘sexy menswear’ theme to it, which has been done before, but not to the same type of song, at least, not that I know of.  It used suit jackets, hot pants, and heeled/wedge boots.

Miss A group shot outfits (one of many), via google images

Another group shot, via google images

  • Independent Styling:


Min’s looks were very 60’s, but with a bad-girl edge to it with the use of different textiles and accessories.

Min’s main look in the video, but without the necklace. via google images.


Jia was the epitome of a rock princess, with the softer elements of a long tutu and tiara juxtaposing the boots, red lipstick, and leather glove(s?). The ombre hair was also a nice touch there.

Jia, the rock princess, via google images


Suzy had a grunge look, with the plaid shirt, bralet, and accessories. I must say, she definitely pulls this look off well.

Suzy the grunge, via tumblr

Suzy the grunge close-up, via tumblr


Fei, like Suzy, had a grunge feel. But with Fei, her grunge was more hip-hop. Not to racially stereotype here, but she vaguely reminded me of a black girl.

Fei, secretly a black girl, via tumblr

Putting it all together:

Miss A inspired rock princess

What do you think? Do you think you can pull this look off?


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