Review Time~ Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marc’er

Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marc’er liquid eyeliner, photo by me

So I mentioned in my last blog post that I had purchased the Marc Jacobs Beauty liquid eyeliner during the VIB pre-sale last week and would be reviewing it for you guys today~

As I had anticipated, my Sephora package arrived on Wednesday, however I was having some technical difficulties with my camera + the weather did not make for good lighting whatsoever. Alas, I couldn’t really put it together until today. But enough about me, let’s talk about this product.

This Marc Jacobs Beauty liquid liner has .5 ml or .016 fl. oz, which I’m not completely sure is a lot or not. This product retails for $30 and should be available at Sephora stores,, and select Marc Jacobs stores in August.

Packaging: When I first got this, I found the packaging to be to be a bit on the weighty side, kind of like one of those really nice quality pens. Since this was apparently inspired by calligraphy pens, I guess that that’s a good thing. It’s pretty sturdy, so this can travel with you inside your bag and you won’t have to really worry about it getting destroyed, or conversely, ruining the lining of your bag.

Marc Jacobs Beauty liquid liner close-up, photo by me.

It has a really thin, flexible nib that can draw a nice range of lines, thick and thin. It’s really great for doing cat-eyes or wings. It can also create super thin lines that are great for natural looks.

Application and Longevity:  I found this super easy to apply when I was doing my eyeliner on Thursday. Doing thin lines is a tad more difficult than thicker ones as you really need to keep a steady and light touch for those. As I had mentioned earlier, it’s very effective when creating cat-eyes or winged liner looks. The formula is neither super runny nor thick, and it flows through the nib pretty well. It’s also super opaque in one application and dries pretty quickly, so no need to worry about waiting eons for it to dry. It’s waterproof, so your eyeliner stays put, even during a downpour. It does not smudge easily, but it can settle a bit into fine lines and wrinkles if you don’t wait a few moments for it to dry.  It does not come off easily with warm water and soap, so I would suggest using some make-up remover for this one.

Marc Jacobs beauty liquid liner swatches, photo by me.

Cons: My only major issue with this product is that the expiration date is 6 months. Even though I do try to wear make-up on a daily basis, I’m not sure if I could go through this product within a 6 month time frame. But apart from that, I think this product is pretty fantastic.

Hopefully, I covered all the bases in this review. If I missed anything, please comment below and I will do my best to remedy that.

Did you buy any Marc Jacobs Beauty products during the pre-sale? Are there any you’re looking forward to, do share in the comments~!


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