What Katie Did Detachable Garters Review


My What Katie Did order came in today! Which, was super fast considering I had placed the order on Thursday during lunch. As soon as I placed my order, I received my invoice number, then a few hours later, my USPS tracking number. It was meant to be 2-day shipping, but it was hailing on Saturday, then it was a holiday on Monday, which probably caused the delay…

As you can see, the package arrived in a flat USPS envelope, which is in pretty good condition considering it came in all the way from sunny LA☀️

But, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?

What you see above is the package within the package, all gorgeously wrapped in black tissue paper and light blue What Katie Did ribbon. They definitely have my loyalty with packaging like that!

Now, onto the contents:


I had ordered their detachable garters (set of six) in black (for a friend) and white. Upon first inspection, they seem to be pretty well-made, as well as sturdy. Here’s some close ups:



No nicks or stray threads to be seen, which is always good in my book.

They attach quite easily onto the garter tabs of my corset, which is quite nice, however, upon attaching them, they seemed to be a tad narrow for the garter tabs that my corset has… which did cause some issues when it came time to test them out, there were a couple incidents where the detachable garter came off of my corset when I was fastening them -_-”

But they do look lovely once on and attached. They have quite the hold-up power (provided they don’t detach from the corset)


One of the things that I did like about then was that they are resizable, which is great for petite people like me, because the struggle with finding things that are perfectly my size is real (for the record, I’m 4’11”)


    •Fast shipping with tracking
    •Good quality


    •Hooks a little narrow for my garter tabs

Overall, I’m rather happy with my first What Katie Did purchase, and will be looking forward to ordering from them again ♥

PS: I’m getting some seamed stockings in the mail from them as a sort of thank you for doing a survey, I plan on doing a review of them too~


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