Yesterday, I received what was probably the most heartbreaking news to date. My top – choice school, the Fashion Institute of Technology, had rejected my application.

I realize that it’s a super-competetive school and is really difficult to get into, but it was rather difficult to stomach the news, considering I pretty much had my life planned out for the next 4-6 years given that I was admitted there…not even kidding <. <

I won't go into details as far as that goes, but let's just say that it involved working at Ladurée and taking classes at the fi:af.

A number of things honestly factored into my mind to justify my rejection, from the quality of my portfolio, my expected family contribution (not all schools are need – blind), even my grades. While the letter states that they couldn't extend admission to a lot of qualified candidates, there's still a nagging sensation in the back of my mind that I wasn't good enough.  Did I not show enough interest? Was my work subpar?  Do they secretly disdain IB students?  Those were just some of the many questions running through my mind.

I'm quite lucky to have had a back-up school thats already accepted me, albeit it's much more exorbitant than college needs to be, but in the wise words of Tobias from the Divergent trilogy, "fear doesn't shut you down, it wakes you up." Which goes to say that I'll be reapplying for the spring semester as a hopeful transfer student,  but not just there, to several other schools as well, in addition to amping up the level of my portfolio and grades.


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