SCAD: Quarter 1

If you’ve been following me on social media, you can probably tell that I live a pretty hectic life here at SCAD. From a crazy orientation weekend, to meeting and getting along with new people who have no idea who or what you are, and trying to balance a social life with school and career opportunities, hectic doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Thus far, I’ve gotten on pretty well with my two roommates, one being an illustration major and the other a film major. Albeit being a random selection, I’ve found myself pretty lucky with my arrangement. I know people here that cherry-picked their roommates and are having serious issues, and even some of my friends at other schools with their “crazy” roommates. But at the same time, they do have little ticks that grate on my nerves. Though I suppose that just comes with the territory of sharing a space with other people.

Coming here has been a bit of a culture shock to me. It’s not as if I come from a small town in the middle of nowhere, but going to SCAD has most definitely been an eye opening experience. I remember my local representative saying to me that I am more serious about what I intend to do with my life compared to some of the other people who are also fashion majors. Here, there seems to be a major (pun intended) stigma attached to those going into fashion. I always get this sort of shocked and disbelieving expression when I tell people that I’m a fashion major. One of the leads I was chatting with when I was volunteering at an event told me, “there are fashion majors, and there are ‘dress up majors’ here at SCAD. It’s a wonder they even manage to graduate here.” I can understand that. Even though it’s only my first quarter here, I’ve begun to notice this trend. Here, there are people that label themselves as fashion majors yet don’t partake in any of the major-oriented clubs nor have a care for their academic progress here. They do, however, traipse around in Louboutins, Marc Jacobs, and other high brand items with a certain level of disregard of those who can’t afford luxury goods. Granted, not everyone here within my major is like that, but about half of the people I’ve encountered that are within my major are. It’s a bit disappointing, but c’est la vie.

The other thing that’s really shocked me is the sheer amount of people intending to go into creative fields without any background in the foundations of fine arts. How? This honestly baffles me.

As far as my social life goes, it doesn’t really seem to exist. I’ve once again steeped myself into extra curricular clubs, some being major oriented, others more for my enjoyment. I’ve taken up swing dancing and break dance, along with continuing fencing. I’ve met some great people at these clubs, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t have the sort of tightly knit, quality group of people, that I have a mutual understanding with like I did back home. I’d like to have something along those lines, but it’s not something that I’m going to try to force because that’s just not how friendships work.

In terms of academics, I’m feeling only slightly challenged. I won’t lie, Art History is kind of kicking my butt, but design is a breeze, and I’m getting by in drawing. There’s not really much to say about that, but I feel more of a challenge trying to move up the ranks in my extracurricular activities than in class…

The food here isn’t too bad, I just frequent a few places, but very rarely the hive because the food is of questionable quality…..

And that’s it for my first quarter!


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