Creamy Mami: Magical Girl, Idol Extraordinaire

Creamy Mami via Google Images

Pamporu, Pimporu, Pam Pom Pum! Pimporu Pamporu Pam Pom Pum!

This line of words is the key to transforming from Morisawa Yuu to the gorgeous singing idol, Creamy Mami. Having recently finished Magical Angel Creamy Mami, I thought I would talk a bit about it.

Summary via Wikipedia:¬†Yuu Morisawa is an ordinary 10-year-old girl, until she sees a spaceship floating in the sky. Carried into the ship, she helps Pino Pino find the Feather Star. In thanks for her help he grants her a magical wand, which allows her to transform into a 16-year old girl, for one year. She is also given two cats from Feather Star, Poji and Nega, who are to watch over her while she has magical powers. While wandering around the city as a teenager, she accidentally ends up on TV and asked to sing, which the magic enables her to do remarkably well. Using the alias of Creamy Mami, she becomes an overnight success, and is soon sought to begin a professional career as an idol under Parthenon Productions. Along the way, she also meets past residents of Feather Star and supernatural beings. In addition, she must fight against Snake Joe, a shady character of the rival LP Productions, who is always trying to steal her away and Megumi-chan, another one of Parthenon Productions’ top stars.

It’s a fabulous anime to watch because the songs are cute and catchy, Mami’s outfits are out of this world, and need I say more? Go watch it!!

Anyways, Creamy Mami is an anime from the 1980’s (waaaaay before I was born…), so it’s interesting that it’s been gaining popular today. As a child, I loved Magical Girl animes such as Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach, so it’s nice to see that there’s a bit of revival with the Magical Girl genre.

Sadly, Creamy Mami isn’t coming back as an anime, however, it is coming back as a part of fashion. Several Japanese fashion brands have collaborated with it to produce items. Angelic Pretty, Galaxxxy, Metamorphose, Putumayo, and Shampooooo have all created items inspired by the series.

Putumayo and Metamorphose, being Lolita fashion brands, created dresses inspired by her, though I don’t find myself really wanting them…

Creamy Mami metamorphose dress via

Putumayo Creamy Mami dress via

Out of all the collaborations, my favorite was Angelic Pretty’s. Instead of creating one or two items, they made accessories, a cutsew, and a hoodie, all of which I wish I could afford. My favorite items are the bag and cutsew (shown below).

I really want this Creamy Mami x Angelic Pretty bag. Buy it for me (click the pic)?

I’m really loving this Creamy Mami cutsew.

Aren’t they cute?

Hopefully, the Magical Girl genre (for girls especially) is here to stay, with the return of my childhood (read: Sailor Moon) in 2013.

Do you think shoujo magical girl is here to stay? comment below!