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2014 beauty routine

2014 beauty routine

Ask the Art Professor: What should you include in an art portfolio for art school or college?

Thank Jesus I found this, lest my SCAD portfolio be awful….

Clara Lieu

by Clara Lieu, Adjunct Professor at RISD & Partner at Artprof.org

Preparing a portfolio for college admission is not a casual undertaking, it’s very common for high school students to underestimate how much time and labor is involved.  For most students it takes several months, even up to a year to create a body of work that is rigorous enough for the competitive art school and college admissions process.

If you can maintain a prodigious level of production, the quality of your work will progress tremendously and you’ll have many more pieces to choose from. Even of the portfolio requirements state that you only need 15 pieces, this means you should aim to create between 20-30 pieces. Not only will your work improve from more experience, but you’ll be able to weed out the weaker pieces and emphasize only your best work.

2019 update
Artprof.org has a free Art School Portfolios Video Tutorial, which…

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products you cannot go wrong with, literally.

products you cannot go wrong with, literally.

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