Happy New Year + Shopping Haul


My Haul from the mall on Saturday. Clockwise from top left: Tote Bag, The Body Shop. Orange tote bag, Urban Outfitters. Gray Ribbon shirt, J. Crew. Bralettes, Hot Topic. Socks, Gold heeled shoes, Acetate Heel boots, Urban Outfitters.

First of all, Happy New Year to all of you! Thank you so much for following me, I really hope that y’all had a great 2013! Here’s to an even better 2014!

A couple of days after Christmas, I went out with my mom and ended up getting a ton of stuff. I was really excited about what I got, so I thought that I’d share it with all of you! One of the first stops we hit was Urban Outfitters, one of my favorite places to shop, especially during sale season ūüėČ I got over-the-knee socks, which I’m super excited about, because socks are literally one of my favorite things >3< as well as some shoes, which were super lucky finds on the sale rack. They fit surprisingly well, considering I have small, wide feet. I was uber psyched about the acetate heel boots in particular, since they really reminded me of a pair of these Chanel boots I was pretty obsessed with…

Chanel boots. Image via tumblr.

You can expect to see my boots in a few looks soon!

Apart from Urban Outfitters, I also got a super adorable top from J. Crew, which I’ll probably be wearing soon, and some bralettes from hot topic, which were buy one get one free. At $5, I couldn’t say no!

Did you guys hit the shops after Christmas? Do tell!


Living the Corset Life


Photo of my friend and I in corsets during our school’s spirit week

My interest in corsets definitely started at a young age, like really young. I was really interested in vintage fashion, Dior’s New Look silhouettes, as well as princesses. Growing up never really changed that either. During a trip to Old Sturbridge Village, my M.O. was to buy a corset, which didn’t happen because they didn’t sell those. Then, I discovered Lolita fashion, which definitely fed into my vintage fashion and princess vibes. Kamikaze girls was my ‘bible’ of choice at the time.

Fast forward to this year, and a trip to the Renaissance Faire ¬†with my mom ended with me coming home with that gorgeous blue damask underbust. I had done some pretty extensive research on corsets prior to that point, and I knew that ‘real’ ones were steel boned, and are supposed to be pretty comfy.

I’ve been wearing mine on and off for about a couple of months now and it is pretty damn comfy. It helps with posture and makes me look great~ I generally wear mine under clothes, with a tank top underneath, but I’ve also worn it over clothes.

Something that I’ve learned in wearing corsets? Unstiffened modesty panels will not straighten out unless you REALLY try, and busks not on straight are super uncomfortable.

I would definitely loooove to buy another corset, maybe a custom one, or even make one.


Review Time~ Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marc’er

Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marc’er liquid eyeliner, photo by me

So I mentioned in my last blog post that I had purchased the Marc Jacobs Beauty liquid eyeliner during the VIB pre-sale last week and would be reviewing it for you guys today~

Continue reading

Marc’ing the Moment

One of the great perks of being a Sephora VIB, Very Important Beauty insider for those of you not in the know, is that you get first look of their new lines. ¬†This time around, a pre-sale for Marc Jacobs‘ Beauty was in my email.

Needless to say, I was pretty stoked.

These are all the products currently available for Sephora VIBs to buy today to 11:59PM tomorrow. It’s not the whole collection, which officially debuts August 9th, but hey, it’s a start. Continue reading

Trendspotting: Artsy

Libertine S/S 2013 , via style.com

Libertine S/S 2013, via style.com

Marc By Marc Jacobs S/S 2013 via style.com

Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 2013 via style.com

Now that New York Fashion Week has wrapped up, I think it’s high time to discuss some of the trends I saw at fashion week (from the comfort of my own home).

Other than the standard fanfare of floral, I did notice that there were a lot of artsy vibes going on at both Marc by Marc Jacobs and Libertine, which I really enjoyed. It shows that print isn’t dead yet¬†with all the bright, vibrant colors juxtaposing the palate-cleansing blacks and whites of several other brands.

Since all of this isn’t coming out until this coming spring, here’s how to get the look now:

  • Add some color to your hair

This can be achieved by dying your hair in interesting ways, like bleaching your bangs à la Libertine, wearing turbans like Marc by Marc Jacobs, or even by just donning quirky hair accessories like Anna Dello Russo.

  • Keep a generally loose silhouette

If you’re going to be pulling this look off, you do not, I repeat, do not go walking around in itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny things. You’re going for artsy here, not homeless crackhead. Pick a part of the body to define, but leave all else loose. Artists are supposed to look relaxed (even when they’re not).

  • Color and prints are you’re new bffs

Color is fun. Do not be afraid of it. I would suggest keeping a generally muted palette and adding bits of color here and there for those who aren’t ready to dive headfirst into a sea of Pantone. Prints, like color are fun. Here, going crazy is completely acceptable, so long as you are following a color palette of some sort. You do not want to look like you just robbed spoonflower.

  • layers, layers, layers

That loose silhouette does not build itself. You need to layer it up to achieve that look. Take inspiration from Mori and Dolly kei girls, as they are the masters of layering.

Now let’s try to put it all together!!

artsy farsty?
What do you think of this (possible) trend? Do tell!!

Wishes and Wants: Fall 2012 Edition


Oooh, a wishlist

Mermaid Dip Dye Lilac

So, this is basically a list of the things I would like to have going into fall. The new Ciaté velvet manicure in either Berry Poncho (left) or Mink Cashmere (right), a dip dye wig (center), Sephora + Pantone Universe lipgloss set for fall 2012, and various items from the Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton collaboration. Those, I could most definitely be unable to afford, unless someone gifts it to me XD

What are some things you would like to have going into fall?


Karl, the 80’s Called.

look from the Chanel Couture show

look from the Chanel Couture show. Found via fashionista.com

And they want their clothes back. Like seriously, dude. What is this tom-foolery? It looks like something you’d find on the sale rack at Frederick’s. No, seriously. This is like a flashback to the era of innerwear-is-outerwear, ¬†and not in a good way. I mean, as someone who enjoys garterbelts, corsets, and burlesque, this is just not cutting it. It’s like someone decided to don their cheapest neglig√©e out to the supermarket (or worse, a red carpet event) with arm warmers(!!!!!! WTF.) The belt is not making it any better either. I can understand the lurex tights, as the show involved them. And the fabric, THE FABRIC!!!!!!! It looks shoddy and cheap, like someone fell asleep while making this.

Okay, folks, do you love it, hate it? Talk about it in the comments below~

Electric Shock

Is June like girl group comeback month or something? I can’t keep up with all the comebacks¬†(‚ē•_‚ē•)

Today it’s all about f(x)‘s electric shock!!


Electric shock is a very upbeat and energetic song with a touch of flirty-ness to it, which is great for my mood right now. ¬†It has some techno vibes, giving it that ‘electric’ feel (pardon the pun). It’s a great song to be blasting at the club.

The video itself isn’t really all that different from the typical k-pop video. You’ve got your dance shot(s), some close ups, and those single person mood shots, where they usually walk around or dance.

The song is very typical f(x) with the techno feel (see NU ABO and hot summer). Even the concept is very typical of their image. I love  f(x), but they really ought to switch it up a little.

I’m gonna include the choreography section here because I don’t really have much to talk about. There’s a good amount of partner work in this, it’s kind of like a signature for f(x) I think. I think the work would be fun to try and replicate, especially with some friends.


I have a lot to talk about here because of all the close ups, so bear with me maybe?

images found via google images, as always

MV still 1 images found via google images, as always

MV still 2 OMG a corset. image found via google images

found via google images

MV still 3 found via google images

MVstill 4 found via google images

MV still 2 is monochromatic + pink with platform shoes, but as you can see, the members are all styled differently. My favorite look is ¬†Sulli‘s, with the high-low skirt, fishnets and corset. For those of you who know me in real life and/or follow me on tumblr, you’re probably aware of my obsession with corsets. So it’s probably no surprise that Sulli’s look is my favorite.

MV still 1, like MV still 2, is also monochromatic + color (in this case its either neon green or blue) with doc martens. I don’t really have a favorite look here because I find the styling here to be kind of bland.

MV still 3, isn’t monochromatic like all the other two stills, but it’s actually quite colorful. I’m seeing a lot of red and yellow with either platform sandals(?) or sneakers. With this one, Sulli, once again, takes the cake with her crazy hair and remake style skirt.

MV still four has the monochromatic + color going again (pink or yellow) with either sneakers or platform shoes. With this one, my favorite look is actually Victoria’s, with the yellow platform shoes and bangle, black/white biker jacket, and the dot print shorts.

In the close-ups, a lot of them are wearing plastic toy earrings, which are very DIY’able. (maybe I’ll make a tutorial? comment if you want one)

Now let’s talk make-up and hair.

Sulli’s close up image found via tumblr

Krystal close up found via google images

The make-up is really simple. Feathery lashes with color accent, slight cat wing eyeliner, and pink lips. Hair is just streaks of color, which can be achieved by hair chalking or by adding extensions. In some of the close ups, some of them have shocking blue eyes, which can be achieved through circle lenses (not FDA approved, be extremely careful if/when using them).

Let’s put it all together!!

putting it all together!! the wonders of polyvore

Would you rock this look? Comment below!!