Karl, the 80’s Called.

look from the Chanel Couture show

look from the Chanel Couture show. Found via fashionista.com

And they want their clothes back. Like seriously, dude. What is this tom-foolery? It looks like something you’d find on the sale rack at Frederick’s. No, seriously. This is like a flashback to the era of innerwear-is-outerwear,  and not in a good way. I mean, as someone who enjoys garterbelts, corsets, and burlesque, this is just not cutting it. It’s like someone decided to don their cheapest negligée out to the supermarket (or worse, a red carpet event) with arm warmers(!!!!!! WTF.) The belt is not making it any better either. I can understand the lurex tights, as the show involved them. And the fabric, THE FABRIC!!!!!!! It looks shoddy and cheap, like someone fell asleep while making this.

Okay, folks, do you love it, hate it? Talk about it in the comments below~