Senor Arpakasso cooks!!


I’m not sure if you readers are familiar with the YouTube channel, Cooking With Dog, but it’s a cooking show on YouTube where the owner of the dog shows you how to cook various Japanese foods, while the dog narrates.

But recently, a new cooking show popped up starring the ever popular Arpakasso plushie, called ‘Cooking With Arpakasso.’

It’s actually quite cute, and for whatever reason, I do find Senor Arpakasso to be somewhat sexy? Watch his video below and decide for yourself!!

I’m really hoping Cooking With Arpakasso is here to stay, because Senor Arpakasso is extremely adorable and I can make an effort in homemaking XD



I Love You

2NE1 is a mainstream artist, they sometimes sing mainstream things, but I think what makes them different is their style, and most of their songs. They dress differently, not different like say, Lady Gaga or Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the queens of all that is weird and nonsensical, but different more along the lines of bold and expressive.

Did I tell you how much I love 2NE1? Well, I absolutely adore them just as much, if not more, as I adore corsets and fashion.

So when ‘I Love You’ was announced, alongside their international tour, (they’re playing in the US! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!) you can probably imagine how excited I was.

Anyways, back on subject.


I Love You is labeled as Electronic/pop on their YouTube description, though most of their more recent songs are more of an electric sound, I think that their last Korean release, from what I can tell, anyway, was their 2nd mini album, which had a mix of electronic, pop, rock, and some hip-hop to it.

It’s very upbeat, but if you read the lyrics, you’ll find that this is in all actuality, a very serious song. It’s easy to relate to, which makes it a great song to listen to at any time of the day. Whether you’re blasting it at a party, in your car, or listening to it all by yourself.

If you’ve seen other 2NE1 videos, you’ll find that the format of this video is no different from that of other 2NE1 videos. A lot of single shots walking around/dancing, then some choreography altogether later on with the rap. Generally, Minzi does all the dancing, CL raps, Bom does the hardcore vocal stuff, and Dara looks good. Not to say these, ladies aren’t all talented in these areas, because they are, some are just better in those specified areas than others.


The name 2NE1 is synonymous with the word, fashion, I find. This section will probably the longest portion of the whole post, because of that.

The overall theme for ‘I Love You’ was exotic. From animal prints, vibrant colors, gold jewelry, and scarves to Dara’s half-shaven head, 2NE1 really wanted to take you on an exotic vacation into their world for this video. Kind of like a resort collection, very luxe.

2NE1’s main looks from the MV via google images.

Here you can see that Minzi and Dara are sporting animal print in the form of main pieces such as a dress or jacket, while CL opts for a more subtle touch; the animal print booties. I can’t really tell if Bom is sporting animal print, but the blue panels on her dress look vaguely like snakeskin to me.

You can also see what images everyone went for in this still. Dara was edgy, Minzy has a sexy/powerful thing going, CL was retro, and Bom went sexy femme.

Dara’s looks. Image found via tumblr

CL is retro, found via tumblr

Bom and her maxi dresses found via tumblr












Look! They’re all wearing tassels! I’m pretty sure Dara and Bom’s choker are the same, and Minzy probably has one on in another shot somewhere….. I kind of want them. The MV also had a lot of chunky gold jewelry, not like bamboo hoops and nameplate necklaces, but more like coins and buttons. Like old-school Versace! I am proud to say I own a pair of sunglasses like the ones CL wore in the

MV.The colors used in the MV for the looks were fuschia, gray, gold, white, black, and what looks like jade green. There was also a bit of blue in there too.

Let’s talk hair and make-up.

I noted that Bom and Dara rocked horizontal two-tone hair.

Bom’s horizontal two-tone hair via

Dara’s horizontal two-tone via













On a more subtle note, Minzy had a bit of blue in her hair (or is it a wig?).


Make-up for this vid is the usual 2NE1 smoky lids + cat eye with pinkish, doll-like lips.

Bom had this cool blue accent lash going, which I totally loved, and is totally achievable in real life with colored mascara or eyeliner. If you want to go really hardcore, you can attach feathers to your lashes with lash glue.

Bom’s cool blue lashes via

A major (to me,anyway) thing I noticed in the MV was that everyone was sporting nail art. With it on the rise, it’s probably really important to show it.

Minzy’s make-up and nails found via tumblr

Minzy’s nail art found via google images.

Here’s Minzy’s nails.  Believe it or not, hers were actually the simplest of them all, from what I could tell. Hers were professionally done, but you can do something similar with nail polish, some nail pens or art deco polish, and nail stickers. If you guys are interested, I can put up a tutorial on how to achieve something similar.

CL and her nails via













With these nails, however, you’re gonna have to go to your super awesome (and possibly Asian) nailist.

Now, putting it all together:

Inspired by 2NE1's I Love You
2ne1 dara I love you
What are your thoughts on this look? Love it? Hate it? Comment below!!

Like This – Wonder Girls

Like this yo, like this:

I’m a wee bit slow on the bandwagon here (if there is one…), but here’s the new Wonder Girls song, “Like This”


I am by no means a pro at discussing things, but let’s give this a whirl!


From the first listen, I was getting a fun and upbeat mood, which I think is perfect because Finals week is coming up for me, thus marking the end of the school year and a perfect time to “walk on the wild side!” This song would be great at parties, get-togethers, those sorts of things.

I find this video to be quite different from the usual mood of most k-pop videos as it looks like it’s filmed in a public area, because most k-pop videos are filmed in a studio or in a secluded area, giving this video a casual and easy vibe.

I think that there’s a bit more of a hip-hop feel in this Wonder Girls song compared to their other songs, which is really refreshing. I mean, one can only do so much with retro without it becoming trite.


The choreography reflects the overall vibe of the song really well. There’s a bit of that hip-hop reflected there with the chorus, but not so much “I’m gonna shake my ass in yo’ face while I wear teeny tiny clothing” hip-hop. It’s more…..modest? These moves can be broken out at one’s homecoming and not end up being called shameless 24 hours later.

The leg wiggling movement is something very S/Mileage I think, they’re practically known for that movement. I’m sure the leg-wiggling movement was also in one of Orange Caramel‘s videos, if I remember correctly.

The movements look simple to replicate, but because they’re so repetitive, they’re really not. Anyone who’s done anything extremely repetitive can tell you that much.

Overall, I do find that this dance would be fun to do a cover of, especially with friends.


found via google images

“Like this yo, like this!”

Since I cannot find any stills from the video nor do I know how to make them (someone teach me), this photo will have to do.

The style here is very on trend, as the Wonder Girls always are, and suits the mood of the choreography well because it looks easy to move in and comfortable.

Let’s break down the look by trend:

  • grungy – most Wonder Girls fans would notice that the style here is a lot less refined than those of other videos, it’s still cute, just a lot more relaxed and loose. There is a bit of a DIY factor going here with the  paint splattered shirt, AC/DC shirt and the fringe shirt dress.
  • one point color – I noticed that in both the video and the image above, there isn’t so much a color explosion but more black/white with a focus of one (bright) color. With Sohee, far right, although there is that electric yellow going underneath her shirt dress, the main color focus is the coral on her jacket. With Lim, to the left of Sohee, the main focus is blue, which is expressed in her tights(?) and hair.
  • Tights/Socks – although this one isn’t expressed by the majority of the group, I still think it’s important to talk about this one. Sohee and Lim are both rocking printed tights, and Yenny (? the one on the far left) does rock some kick-ass knee-highs in the MV.
  • Flat Shoes – sneakers and those things that look like sandals but aren’t. They wore closed-toe shoes in the video, and if you are going to do a cover, I suggest you do the same, dancing in open-toed shoes can be difficult and lead to severe pain.
  • minimal makeup – Looking at the photo above, one will notice that the makeup is very simple, with only contoured cheeks, cat-wing eyeliner, and a natural colored lipstick. Not nude, but natural colored.

Putting it all together:

via my polyvore

Looks like I’ve got Diamond Jubilee fever


Comment below with your thoughts, because it’s awful lonely over here ~